Why I am afraid to move to Utah.

Well, hello there. Welcome to my new blog.

So this is the part where I say something along the lines of “I have a blog now and I thought I’d write my first post so that it’s not blank here, etc.” Then the cliche: “I always wanted to write a blog but [insert excuse here].” To tell you the truth, this is just a place for me to transcribe the random and only occasionally coherent thoughts that go through my head. Also, I like to write and type things.

I have lived in Oregon my whole life (well except for that one time in Oklahoma, but that doesn’t count), but am now moving to a place called “Eww-taww” (just keep sounding it out) in less than two months for my husband’s promotion (YAY for him! – really, he’s worked very hard for this). I will be keeping my job by working from home, which has unearthed a few of my fears and guilty pleasures:

Pleasures first:

1. I am an introvert, which means I will bask in the joy that is being home alone and in the quiet all day long. While I work, I will be able to do whatever I want, when I want, even if it means blasting the Best of Enya or having Friends on in the background at full volume all day long (you think I won’t do it, but I will!). Of course this is only until said husband comes home from his job and our apartment becomes “shared space” again. Nonetheless, I am thrilled to become a telecommuter and keep my job in the process.

2. There will be less distractions from other people working in the vicinity, including the annoying hipster baristas that play the annoying hipster music really loud in the annoying hipster cafe that shares an annoying hipster wall with my workspace. (I don’t really have a hipster wall, but wouldn’t it be annoying if I did?)

3. I will get to sleep in an extra 30 minutes now that I don’t have to walk to work or make myself presentable by brushing my hair or covering up my zits with minimal makeup (as a rule, I don’t always do these things). Yes, I know, I have it rough with my commute, but having to walk 15 minutes to my work when everyone else has 20 minute commutes in their polluting Prii (yes, I actually looked up the plural of Prius and found this, who knew?)? I can’t handle being that self-righteous all the time. It’s getting tiring.

Fears next:

1. I am an introvert, which means that I spend most of my “outside time” at work or hanging out with a small close circle of friends. When I’m done with one of these things I go home and relish in my solitude to regroup and recharge my soul. Once I move to “Eww-taww” I cut my “outside time” to, well, a big fat zero. While I  love and will miss my friends and coworkers, the introvert part of my brain says “WEEEEEEE!” I fear that my time will instead be spent playing too many video games (no, not on a network, are you crazy? That’s too social), or reading Tolkien aloud in a British accent to my cats (yes, I actually did that one Saturday evening and I am not proud of it).

2. There will be more distractions from all my toys at home, being my large, full bookcase, my two four legged felines, and the Xbox that streams my other close circle of friends: Netflix British Period Pieces & Romances.

3. I will get to sleep in an extra 30 minutes now that I don’t have to walk to work or make myself presentable — aka I will be fat and ugly by Christmas.

6 thoughts on “Why I am afraid to move to Utah.

  1. I love this, Sarah! So lucid and entertaining. That is so funny about your reading Tolkien to the cats. I must admit I’ve done almost the same with Alice in Wonderland and the neighborhood cat back in North Portland; I didn’t do an all-out British narration but there’re lots of great characters to give voice too. 🙂
    It’s a brave and loving thing that you’re doing. I believe your Strength will carry you through.

    • Sarah, you are badass and I’m sure you’ll be alright. Besides, you’ll have other wives to keep you company. (oooh… too soon?)

  2. Sarah! I totally relate to your points about being an introvert. When I made the move to California last fall, I had similar fears and concerns. I’ve learned alot about myself in the past couple months and I’m even learning how to be a bit more outgoing. I have no doubt that this experience and adventure you are about to set off on will be rewarding in so many ways, even if it may be a little uncomfortable. Good luck with everything and tell the hubby congrats on the promo!

  3. Wow! Thanks for the replies everyone. i honestly did not expect anyone to take the time to read this already and I want to reply to all the nice people that did!

    Nathan: You are always so nice about everything, so thanks for that. 🙂 And I’m also glad that someone else shares my love of reading things aloud. I used to pretend to be a teacher when I was a kid by reading Little House on the Prairie out loud and taking the time to show all my imaginary students every single illustration!

    Moto: Too soon. The paranoid part of me wonders if those creepy compounds target lonely, homely women…

    Shane: Great to hear from you and I LOVE talking to other introverts about, well, being an introvert. People tend to think it means that you’re really shy (well, I kind of am sometimes in new situations) or anti-social but we aren’t! We LOVE being around people and experiencing new things, we just need time to ourselves more often than non-introverts. However, I sometimes need to push myself to be more outgoing and it’s a work in progress. Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

    Jessica: I like you so much and I think you are funny, too! Let’s have whiskey again sometime.

  4. I love this! You are so funny! I’m glad you have a blog so we all can hear about your Eww-taww adventures. It makes me so happy that you read aloud to the kitties, because now I know I’m not the only one! I usually sing to mine, which usually results in them looking at me like I’m insane. Crazy asses. Love you : )

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