Hey look, I wrote something and it wasn’t self-published!

Check it out! I wrote something for this cool website called BurnThis. The website brings together various resources like local studio reviews and talented fitness/healthy foodie bloggers to provide you with tools to live an active, healthy life. This way you don’t have to filter out all the nonsense you usually find online. They are bringing part of their focus to Portland and I’ll be writing some studio reviews for them. I wrote a personal fitness story and here’s an excerpt:

“It was always the same, I’d lift a piece of furniture, pick up one of many adorable nieces to play “Airplane,” or spend an extra three hours sitting in front of my computer in order to make a deadline and then… Pain. Tingling, pulsating, stabbing aggravating pain would overcome my lower back. A car accident displaced a few discs about ten years ago, and after years of physical therapy and three surgeries it was still affecting my ability to be active, social, and, most importantly, the best aunt in the world.”

– Read the rest over at BurnThis...

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